Most convenient AI Assistant for macOS

Hummingbird gives you quick answers to any question. Customisable with built-in web browsing feature, real-time search, rich content. Powered by OpenAI.

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Version 1.14 (02 Feb 2024) - Support macOS 10.13+

Mac Silicon

Mac Intel

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Native macOS app

It's simple, lightweight and fast. Coming soon to Windows and Ubuntu


An AI Personal Assistant

Lightweight, convenient, and customisable

Browse the web

Built-in feature to read content from URL, whether to summarize, ask question, research, writing reference, you name it


Real-time search

Enable real-time search via Google Programmable Search to access the latest information and knowledge source



Fully in control of your experience. Customize response instruction, language, temperature, model, and more


Sound good?

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Mac Silicon

Mac Intel

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  • Version 1.14 (Feb 02, 2024) re-added websearch
  • Version 1.10-13 (Dec 21, 2023) added refresh model list, minor improvements
  • Version 1.9 (Nov 21, 2023) major updates, added support for macOS 10.13+, more AI providers besides OpenAI, improve result in markdown, added code highlighting. Note that stored keys from previous version will be removed, and websearch is temporary disabled
  • Version 1.8 improve UI, added option to add Login Items, fix question sometimes submitted randomly
  • Version 1.7 has now support macOS 11, open with shortcut (CTRL + Space), close using ESC
  • Version 1.6 has now support macOS 12+
  • Version 1.5 added Instruction prompt
  • Version 1.4 added search (optional, via Google Programmable Search)
  • Version 1.3 Added available OpenAI model list in settings
  • Version 1.2 added settings for Output language, Temperature
  • Version 1.1 improve layout, use markdown to display message
  • Version 1.0 available

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