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Lightweight, Modern API Testing Tool

Getting bored of heavy, cumbersome cross-platform API testing tools? Start using Gum API to create, customize your API requests, and inspect responses. It's lightweight!

Download Gum API for MacOS


What's new: GumAPI 1.3 released →


Cross-platform application

It's lightweight and fast (coming on Window and Linux soon)


API Testing and Debugging tools

It's intuitive and customisable

HTTP requests

Start inspecting your APIs. Gum API supports common HTTP methods such as GET, POST, DELETE, etc...



Fully in control of your requests. Customize meta data such as headers, body data, cookies. Format your URL with parameters, and queries with ease


Inspecting responses

Get a detailed view of your request results. Preview response data, performance, headers and cookies


Sound good?

Get Gum API and start testing your APIs

Download Gum API — it's Free

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