Migrate your GumAPI data from v1 to v2

Recently, the framework I used to develop GumAPI v1 has some restriction. GumAPI v2 is a complete rewrite with more flexibility. In case your data is lost during the migration, please follow the steps below to recover

Download old version

  1. Download GumAPI (v1.6) at https://thegums.s3.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/gumapi-v1.6.zip
  2. Extract and open the app, you should be able to see your old requests (in case it doesn't show up, the data might have been erased)

If you choose to use this version, skip the steps below. Though I recommend you to use the new version, as it will be update often.

Export old data

Once you can see your requests, try to export the data using the following steps:

  1. Click on the dropdown menu on the right of the Filter searchbox
  2. Select Import/Export data. Note that on macOS 14, menu items are hidden on this dropdown menu, you can try to select the last item (at the bottom until you see the Export/Import modal)
  3. Click Export. It should export the data file on your Desktop

Convert to v2 data format

There are some data changes from v1 to v2, and require this step to allow GumAPI v2 to import data.

From the below file input, select the exported data in the previous steps. Once selected, it'll automatically convert and download v2 data format.

Import data

To import data, use the v2 data format

  1. On GumAPI v2.x, click on the dropdown menu on the right of the Search searchbox
  2. Select Import data, and choose the downloaded file in the previous step
  3. Restart GumAPI to see new changes

In case you have any issue while migrating, or feedback and feature requests, please drop an email at hieunc(at)thegums(dot)co. Thanks for your support

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