February 22, 2023

Introduce Gum API – Native, Modern API Testing tool

Getting bored of heavy, cumbersome cross-platform API testing tools? Start using Gum API to create, customize your API requests, and inspect responses. It's lightweight!


API testing is a crucial aspect of software development. It ensures that the API works as intended, meets the requirements, and delivers reliable and consistent results. There are many API testing tools available, and one of the newest ones on the market is Gum API. In this post, we will introduce Gum API and compare it to some of the more popular, heavy, and cross-platform tools like Insomnia, Postman, and Paw.

Introducing Gum API — a modern and native API testing tool that simplifies the process of testing APIs. It is designed to be lightweight, making it easy to use and navigate. Gum API is built with the latest technologies and is optimized for speed, making it a fast and efficient way to test APIs.

Gum API features a simple and intuitive user interface, making it easy for users to get started with testing APIs. Its straightforward design allows users to create and manage requests quickly and efficiently. With Gum API, users can easily test REST, SOAP, and GraphQL APIs.

Gum API also provides a powerful test automation feature that enables users to automate their API testing workflows. The automation feature is designed to be user-friendly and requires no coding knowledge, making it accessible to all levels of users.

Gum API's Lightweight Design

One of the key features of Gum API is its lightweight design. It is designed to be fast and responsive, allowing users to quickly create and test API requests. This makes it a perfect fit for developers who are looking for a lightweight API testing tool that doesn't compromise on features.

Unlike some of the heavier API testing tools like Insomnia, Postman, and Paw, Gum API is optimized for speed and efficiency. Its lightweight design means that it doesn't consume too much memory, making it a great choice for developers with limited system resources.

Native API Tool

Gum API is a native API testing tool, which means it is built using the same programming language as the platform it is running on. This makes Gum API a reliable and efficient tool that can deliver consistent results across different platforms.

Being a native API tool, Gum API offers several benefits over other cross-platform tools. For instance, it can take advantage of the platform-specific features, such as file system access, network protocols, and system resources. This makes Gum API a more versatile and powerful API testing tool.

Why choose Gum API over Insomnia, Postman, and Paw?

Insomnia, Postman, and Paw are some of the most popular API testing tools on the market today. These tools are feature-rich, cross-platform, and widely used by developers worldwide.

One of the key differences between Gum API and Insomnia, Postman or Paw is their appsize. They are heavier tools that consumes more memory and resources than Gum API. For example, the current Insominia installer for macOS is 194mb (up to 555mb+ after install), Postman is 418mb, Paw (recently acquired and renamed as RapidAPI) is 54mb. Meanwhile, Gum API is 7.5mb on Appstore.

The main reason other api testing tool has big appsize because they are web-based crossplatform applications (ie Electronjs). The advantage of these building apps with these frameworks is you can easily building the UI using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and leverage whatever available for these markup and programming languages. Since one of the biggest challenge of web development is each browser might have their own rules for styling, these framework use its own browser (Chromium based, the size is ~100mb), and shipped with the app. Causing the appsize to grown unnecessary.

To sum up, Gum API is a native, and modern app that helps you with API testing. The main goal of of Gum API is to be the lightweight and performant API testing tool.

The tool is available for macOS on the Appstore, or you can download directly here. For futher information, please visit Gum API homepage, or email hi(at)thegums(dot)co in case you have any question, or feedback

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