March 08, 2023

Gum API 1.3 — API testing release notes

Better JSON viewer, support Websocket with pinned requests


Gum API has recently released a product update that brings exciting new features and improvements to the API testing tool. The update includes significant performance improvements, the ability to pin requests, and support for WebSocket requests. Let's take a closer look at each of these updates.

Improved JSON Viewer Performance

One of the standout features of Gum API is its ability to display JSON data in an intuitive and easy-to-read format. In the latest update, we have improved the performance of the JSON viewer by 15 times, making it even faster and more efficient.

Previously, when displaying 1MB of JSON data, it could take up to 3 seconds to load. With the new update, the same amount of data can now be loaded in just 200 milliseconds. This means that users can now view and analyze large JSON data sets quickly and easily, without any delays or lag.

Requests Can Now Be Pinned

In the latest update, we have added a new feature that allows users to pin requests. This feature is especially useful for users who frequently test the same requests and want to have quick access to them.

By pinning a request, users can easily access it from the sidebar without having to search for it every time. This can save users time and increase productivity, especially for teams that frequently test the same requests.

Added Support for WebSocket Requests

Another notable feature in the latest update is the added support for WebSocket requests. WebSocket is a communication protocol that enables real-time data transfer between the client and the server. With this new feature, users can now test WebSocket requests and ensure that their API is functioning correctly.

WebSocket requests can be created and managed just like any other request in Gum API. Users can specify the URL, headers, and payload, and Gum API will handle the rest. This makes it easy for developers to test and debug WebSocket requests without having to switch between different tools.

The latest update to Gum API brings significant improvements and new features to the API testing tool. With improved JSON viewer performance, users can now view and analyze large JSON data sets faster and more efficiently. The ability to pin requests also makes it easier for users to access frequently used requests, saving time and increasing productivity.

The added support for WebSocket requests is also a significant addition, enabling developers to test and debug real-time data transfer between the client and the server. Overall, these updates make Gum API an even more powerful and efficient API testing tool, and we are excited to see how our users will benefit from them.

Thanks for your support. The tool is available for macOS on the Appstore, or you can download directly here. For futher information, please visit Gum API homepage, or email hi(at)thegums(dot)co in case you have any question, or feedback

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